ASTRO IMAGES By Doug Wheeland


   M 63 - Galaxy in Canes Venatici

M 63                     EQUIPMENT
Telescope ----  12.5" RCOS RC at 114" FL
Mount --------  Astro-Physics AP1200
Camera -------  SBIG ST8E/CFW8
Guided -------  SBIG AO7

13 Feb. 2004
60 min. Total
15 min. Sub-Exposures
Acquired Using MaxIm CCD

Data Reduction Using MaxIm DL
Finished Using Adobe Photo Shop

Star Ranch Road Observatory
South Western Colorado Springs
Elevation 6500 Feet


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Also known as The Sunflower galaxy, M63 is perhaps 24 million light years distant.  That is close as galaxies go, so the object is large and bright.

All Images Copyright Douglas R. Wheeland (c)2004

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