ASTRO IMAGES By Doug Wheeland


   NGC 6210 - Planetary Nebula in Hercules

NGC 6210                     EQUIPMENT
Telescope ----  12.5" RCOS RC at 114" FL
Mount --------  Astro-Physics AP1200
Camera -------  SBIG ST8E/CFW8
Guided -------  SBIG AO7

13 Jul. 2006
50 min. Total
5  min. Sub-Exposures
Acquired Using MaxIm CCD

Data Reduction Using MaxIm DL
Finished Using Adobe Photo Shop

Star Ranch Road Observatory
South Western Colorado Springs
Elevation 6500 Feet


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This Planetary is just developing structure.  It has a large dynamic range and proved difficult to process so the inner detail shows along with some of the faint outer detail.  Visually, the object would appear as a bright blob among the stars.

All Images Copyright Douglas R. Wheeland (c)2006

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